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New or second hand machines can be one of the company’s biggest assets. Having your machines working every day of it's life is a key factor in getting the most out of your asset. Problems start to arise due to wear and tear on machines and the lack of scheduled servicing. Oils start to deteriorate and fill with particles, these particles start to wear parts faster until you get a failure. Changing oils and inspections on a set schedule is one of the key factors of keeping the machine running trouble free.

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When changing all the oils on a machine you can be missing an opportunity to spot potential Issues. If problems are spotted early enough you have the opportunity to repair the machine at a suitable time, not only cutting downtime but potentially cutting the cost of the repair. One of our qualified engineers would take Oil samples from the machine at the time of the service. These will be sent to a lab to be analysed. Results would be sent back to us and if potential problems are arising we can take appropriate action.

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We provide a complete range of services to help keep your plant machinery in workable condition.


As well as maintaining construction machinery we also service agricultural machines.


We can provide on site repairs, service and maintenance to all types of plant machinery.